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Fall Outdoor Introductory Watercolour Classes

Taught by Cathy Earle, professional artist and illustrator

The fall is such a beautiful time of the year to paint!

Enjoy the sunshine and paint beautiful scenery! Each week we will paint at a different outdoor location around the city.

The classes will be five weekly sessions.

Whether you have experience or not I will take you through step by step from learning how to mix all your own colours  from just three tubes of paint to achieving a 3 dimensional object by adding the proper values to your painting.

 Every week you will learn how to paint something new using this special mixing method.

Each day I will do a demonstration to show you how to get started.

Plenty of one on one help to guide you through the process.

Starts Thursday September 2nd 1pm-4pm

Week 2 September 9th 1-4 pm

Week 3 September 16th 1 pm-4 pm 

Week 4 September 23rd 1-4 pm

Week 5 September 30th 1-4 pm

To register, please email Cathy at or Facebook – Cathy Earle’s art instruction

Cost is $210.00 not including supplies, supply list will be provided upon registration 


Zoom online  Introductory Watercolour classes starting October 2021
Taught by Cathy Earle, professional artist and illustrator.

Daytime and weekend classes available.

Learn to paint with watercolours in the comfort of your own home on Zoom, A graduate of the Ontario College of Art and a member of The Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour, with over 30 years of teaching experience, Cathy offers her enthusiasm and expertise in a fun and relaxed environment.

In This Introductory class you will learn how to mix all your own colours using just three tubes of paint. You will learn about using washes and learning about layering your colours to make three dimensional paintings.  Each week you will learn how to paint a different subject matter, still life, florwers, landscapes and more.

You will also have access to the class video of the demonstration afterwards.

I also offer private one on one classes as well, $50.00 for 2hr classes.

*Gift certificate available for purchase.

To register or inquire please call Cathy at (519) 331-6197 Facebook:@learntheartofwatercolour | Instagram: cathy_earle_art

Student Reviews of the New Zoom Art Classes

“I have really enjoyed taking virtual art classes with Cathy Earle on Zoom. The 2 1⁄2 hour time period gives you enough time to complete a good portion of your art project plus have enough time for tips for improvement from Cathy. Cathy is excellent at moving at a reasonable pace and is always available for questions. I appreciate the recordings of class she sends me. Those videos give me a chance to replay what we did in class and helps me complete my art project on my own time afterwards. I would highly recommend taking a virtual art class with Cathy Earle to any art student!”  Margaret Leger February 2021

 “I have been attending Cathy’s water colour classes for over two years and I think the Zoom classes are a great addition. Cathy is able to show us step by step how she creates a painting. Starting from sketching out the composition and mixing paints through to the finishing touches she guides us through each step of creating our own interpretation of the subject matter. The class members are able to discuss their work with Cathy and she is able to demonstrate techniques and make suggestions to each student throughout the class. In these times of lock downs and social distancing Zoom classes have been a welcome way to keep learning.”
Pam Giancarlo February 2021

“Cathy is an easy going teacher whose classes deliver solid techniques to improve your ability.  Her classes push your ability and improve all of your projects. The constructive suggestions she provides have really helped me in improving my painting.”  Martin Smith January 2021

Students experiences taking the Introduction to Watercolour class:

1- What did you most enjoy about this class?
“I enjoyed the small class size that allowed for a lot of interaction with Cathy for feedback and assistance.  It was also very laid back and comfortable atmosphere to paint in.  Cathy is very patient and very positive and I was always excited to be painting again.”
2-What was your biggest accomplishment?
“Pushing past the “ugly duckling” stage of a painting because I felt confident enough that I could finish it and make it something I am proud of.”  Rachel A. February 4th 2020
1- What did you most enjoy about this class?
“The relaxed vibe. The small group. The essential techniques. And the support one on one.”
2-What was your biggest accomplishment?
“I really enjoyed making things look 3D via using values of the same color. And creating perspective in a landscape.”
“Thank you Cathy it was so much fun and I learned a lot as well! Still have a lot of learning to do but as much as possible I will try and keep it up and remember all the things you have taught me” .Nadia O. February 4th 2020